"The stainless on our bowsprit, which had been heavily rusted from 24 years of neglect looked just like new.
I was absolutely amazed!"
Rust Before
Easy - Brush On | Easy - Rinse Off
"....Even the welds, which had been solidly rusted over, were mostly clean, and a second application took care of those as well. I was impressed by how easy the application process was and how thoroughly everything cleaned up. Even the solidly rusted ball sockets at the base of my davits cleaned up bright and shiny. And the brushed finish on our bobstay--a breeding ground for crevice corrosion--cleaned up to look like brand new metal. Months later and It's still looks new."

- Dave, Coastal North Carolina

I used Spotless Stainless today on my 35 year old Downeaster 32 and it worked wonders.

The boat has spent a lot of time in the tropics and the stainless steel railings and fittings were pretty ugly. Since I am in the process of restoring the boat and giving her a second lease on life, I was contemplating the thought that I might have to remove the stainless steel and either replace it completely or send it out to be re-polished – an expensive proposition to say the least. I had tried several “cleaners” previously with mixed results but nothing met the standard that I had set for my restoration. So when I saw the advertisement for Spotless Stainless I was a little skeptical to say the least. I treated my testing in a very casual and cavalier manner – in other words I did not read the instructions, did not shake the bottle and just brushed the material on the railing. Then I forgot it only to come back a hour later to wash it off. And guess what – it did a great job. With that test in mind, I then read the directions and followed your suggestions and guess what – the Spotless Stainless did even a better job. Tough to reach rust spots that would have been impossible with polishes were easily cleaned up with Spotless Stainless. So I am definitely a proponent for Spotless Stainless –. It is simple to use, requires little skill, and does a great job - better than anything else I have tried.

- Bill, Florida Keys

"Although expecting to be disappointed, I am not, it is amazing. With nothing more than brush on, leave 30 minutes and rinse off with a hose you can see the results below — simply unachievable even with a toothbrush and polish. "

-Mainsheet Magazine Spring 2014

Turnbuckle Before and After

Rust Before | Easy - Brush On | Easy - Rinse Off
" Thank you for making a wonderful product. Our boat is fairly new 2012 Beneteau First 30 sailboat. Normally, it is pretty spotless, we keep it clean and polished, attacking any rust or dirt, immediately. But, we left our boat for a week and someone on our dock was sanding or drilling something metal. We had metal spots all over our cockpit floor and seating area. It was disheartening to see zillions of spots of rust on the seats, floor, coaming areas, etc. But, I remembered I had a quart of Spotless Stainless on hand.I decided to use it on the fiberglass surfaces and some stainless parts. Brushed on, let it sit, and hosed it off... how easy it is. Needless to say, Spotless Stainless did its wonderful job and when I hosed it off, it all washed overboard.The remaining surface was “spotless.” The fiberglass was very white and clean. What little rust was on the small amounts of stainless steel, simply disappeared. Your product is wonderful.I will certainly purchase more."

- Thank you, a very satisfied customer (Sailboat, California)

" It's difficult to review a product that works perfectly. And that's simply the situation with Spotless Stainless, a rust remover for stainless steel. Our (very picky) reviewer tested Spotless Stainless on a ladder that had seen better days. “We followed the directions and it worked just the way they said it would. We'll certainly be using this on all the stainless on the boat once spring rolls around."

-Spinsheet Magazine 2014

" We tested Spotless Stainless today for the first time. Our friends that we are rafted with had a very rusted snap shackle on the jib halyard. After shaking (per instructions) I poured some into a small cup and with a brush coated the shackle. Re-coating occasionally to keep from drying out in the Florida Sun, within less than 30 minutes it looked like new!! My wife was so impressed she then treated the satin (brushed) finished galley sink. Soon afterwards she called me to come see it stating "IT LOOKS BRAND NEW"!! Needless to say we are very impressed, as are our friends, and will order more before our departure for the Bahamas."

- GREAT PRODUCT!!! (Jay, South Florida)

" I have been searching for a way to clean up our 25 year old stainless. I have found it!!! I have tried all kinds of stainless cleaners and polishes. The best thing I had found was a buffing wheel and polish. The pieces that I have done look great but takes hours and requires taking apart and cleaning and then reassembly. I was searching sailnet a couple of weeks ago and found a post on SPOTLESS STAINLESS. I purchased some but had to wait a couple of weeks for temp to get above 70 ( recommended working temp ). To my TOTAL amazement this product works just like it says it does. Our stainless looked bad.... lots of stains and rust, now it looks amazing. Now the good part... you put it on with a brush, wait up to 30 mins  and hose off. The results were truly amazing. The stainless looks better than the places that I had spent hours with polishes and cleaners. I am thrilled about your product. It is the best stainless cleaner I have seen in 40 years of being around boats and saltwater. I will be ordering more soon. Nice to find a product that performs as advertised."

- Thanks. (Sailboat, West Coast Florida)

" CW associate editor and full-time liveaboard sailor Jen Brett knows a thing or two about everyday boat maintenance, so when she gives a product a thumbs up (or down) we take notice. When it comes to Spotless Stainless stainless-steel rust remover, she points both thumbs skyward adding , “It's great. Your brush it on, wait up to 30 minutes then rinse it off, just like that"

- Cruising World 2012

"We trialled a fairly new product we found in the Caribbean called Spotless Stainless which makes the whole business of cleaning Stainless really easy. Part of the year we leave our boat sitting in a boatyard in the Caribbean while traveling. When we return we find the stainless steel rusty and in bad shape. We decided this will be a great test for Spotless Stainless. We applied Spotless Stainless as directed on the label and left our boat. When we arrived back after 7 long months of sitting in in a boatyard we were simply stunned by the fantastic condition we found our stainless. Most of the stainless was near perfect and it was only some small parts of the lower grade stainless steel made in Turkey that had any rust showing - and that all simply wiped away. It is a quite outstanding product and just so simple to use."

- (Sailboat, Caribbean)

"You have a customer for life! We've been sailing in the tropics for more than 30 years and have used just about every stainless cleaner/polishing product on the market. NEVER... EVER... have we used a product that was as quick and easy to use and yielded the absolute BEST results as Spotless Stainless. Our old stainless looks like new. "

- (Prout Quasar 50’ Catamaran)